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Equipment management for teams

Helmet Tracker helps you get more things
done in the limited time you have. How
much time do you waste messing with
spreadsheets and antiquated workflows?
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No more spreadsheets

Helmet Tracker provides you complete visibility of the inspection, condition, assignment, and repair of every helmet and piece of equipment. No more clipboards. No more headaches. No more guess-work.

Available to your entire team

Helmet Tracker is simple to learn and can be accessed easily by anyone on your team. Your equipment management utilizes the most advanced technology and the most durable RFID tags. No downloading. No IT hassles. No fear for security.

Clock management for Equipment Managers

Helmet Tracker is built for equipment managers and coaches who don't have time to waste. You determine what to track and whose job it is to input, read, act on your equipment management needs. You create reconditioning orders with simple check-in/check-out capability.

Industry Leadership

Helmet Tracker is the technology powering the current NOCSAE helmet database pilot program. Used by youth leagues, schools, colleges, reconditioners, and manufacturers.

Helmet Tracker modernizes your equipment management

Does your AD or head coach know you may be managing your equipment the same way your grandfather did?

Helmet Tracker will:

  1. Save you, your equipment manager, coaches, and AD time
  2. Keep detailed records of all your equipment
  3. Keep track of your equipment maintenance activity
  4. Streamline your reconditioning process
  5. Eliminate surprises in your budgeting process
  6. Help protect you and your organization with accurate records
  7. Make you more efficient and professional

Helmet Tracker provides coaches, equipment managers, athletic directors, football industry leaders, volunteers, and parents with the right technology to do their jobs more effectively.

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