Learn how top leagues, schools, and colleges use Helmet Tracker, the web-based inventory application to manage and track their football helmets.

It’s that simple: Helmet Tracker wins football games. Our coaches average 1.7 more wins per season. It’s not verifiable, it’s not quantitative, and it’s not even true.

But here is what is true: with Helmet Tracker you will:

  • Spend less time chasing paper and spreadsheets managing your equipment inventory
  • Know your team has the most up-to-date, well-maintained equipment, for maximum athlete protection
  • Have complete visibility of the age and condition of every helmet within your school, district or league
  • Simplify your weekly inspection process
  • Reduce your risks with detailed, historical records about each helmet
  • Reduce your annual helmet expenses
  • Know who has your helmets at all times

No coach wants to equip his athletes with old and outdated equipment. Join other coaches and equipment managers in doing everything you can to maintain your equipment and protect your athletes. It’s tough to win with your best players on the sidelines.

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